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How Important is Google My Business

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

You may have a great physical location and superior staff, but if a customer cannot find you at their finger tips, you might as well have your business buried behind a smelly Chinese buffet, with overgrown trees and vegetation blocking our business. It really is that bad!!!


What is Google My Business (GMB): It is essentially platform that allows you to "claim your business" online. Think of this as your Internet Post Office (not like email though) that allows you to have your physical address claimed/owned online. To claim your listing, simply Google your business name, city, and state. For example, Landvest Wichita Kansas. When you do this, you should see your business pop up. There will be a place where you can claim your listing. If will have a blue hyperlink that reads: OwnThisBusiness? If this is your business, click on the link. If it is not.....don't do anything silly! Once you click on the link, you will receive a phone call with a pin number to enter on the computer and maybe even to type on your phone (I've seen it both ways) and you are on your way. It is VERY simple!

Once you have your listing claimed, you can take charge of your online local business listing. With a Google My Business (GMB) listing you'll have the tools to update your information and interact with your customers........for free. GMB also allows you to build a free website (it is a pretty down and dirty site, but better than nothing at all).

Even if you don't use their website, you can make posts, update your information, advertise offers, new photos, events, etc. There is an endless possibility when using this platform. You can also use the GMB dashboards to learn how customers are interacting with your business listing. How they found you! Where they came from! What device they used! It will blow your mind. Even if you do not have a big budget, GMB can give you an inside track....again, for free!

We have been actively using GMB this year and have seen massive results. We have special offers and coupon codes that allow us to know exactly what marketing segment our leads are coming from. It does not take much time at all. In fact, you can set up offers months in advance! Take advantage of blocks in your time to maximize this free marketing platform.

If you are stuck and don't want to pay a "tech geek" to help you with your Google My Business storage listing, give me a call. I'll walk you through it!

Brian Byrd

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