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Our Team Rocks! An interview with Kord!


  • LOCATION: Security Self Storage in Colorado Springs

  • POSITION(S): Platinum Certified Manager / Trainer

  • TENURE: 7+ years

  1. How did your career path lead you to Landvest? How I became involved with Landvest actually happened by chance. I drove in from out of state, and needed to store the items I had packed in my car. I came over to the Fillmore location (Colorado Springs, CO) at the height of the busy season. I spoke with Jayson T, who told me he did not have the size I needed available, and sent me another Security Self Storage location. I arrived and began speaking the Regional Manager who was working at the time. He spoke with me about what brought me out to Colorado and asked if was looking for a job. He outlined what the job entailed the possibility advancement for full-time position; eventually managing a facility on my own. He interviewed me on the spot and offered me a job. After working a few years as an Assistant Manager, I was offered a General Manger position with Landvest. I knew the experience and skills I would gain by taking on the challenge as General Manager will and has benefited my career.

  2. What is the best advice you’ve received in your career? I have received a lot of advice throughout my career. It is difficult to identify one piece of advice. Some of the most profound advice I received was to always be accountable from your mistakes, and learn from them, have goals and work towards them. We spend many hours of our lives working; if you’re not happy with what you’re doing—you won’t be happy with your life.

  3. Which experience(s) in your career influenced who you are today? I had never worked in property management field before starting with Landvest, therefore, I had much to learn. When I was an Assistant Manager I was fortunate enough to train and work under a great General Manager— Jayson T. He showed me to never settle for less, learn and gain as much knowledge as you can, strive for perfection, take risks and accept challenges head on. I apply all those principles to working the day to day operations onsite with our great customers, site staff and the Landvest team. These experiences gained from working with Landvest have a profound impact on who I am, and how others around me are affected.

  4. What is your favorite part of your position? Honestly, for me my favorite part is managing the Fillmore site. It feels great motivating my co-workers to work better, harder and smarter every day. I enjoy the task to beat month over month & year over year numbers, exploring new sales, and collections techniques. Being on site full-time lets me develop a great rapport with our current, and prospective, customers. I find it very rewarding.

  5. What is your least favorite part of your position? I strive to give the upmost respect and customer service to our customers. My least favorite part of the position is when customers do not do the same; whether it is clear violations of policies, acts of vandalism or downright rudeness and threats. I feel no matter what career or job you have the worst part is being treated poorly by those you want to take care.

  6. What is the most difficult part of your position? I cannot say I find any parts of my position to be particularly “difficult.” I would say there are difficult situations that arise. The most difficult situations arise because policy or procedures were not enforced or followed. This could be a particular task done incorrectly. It could also be a task which was done and should not have been. When these situations arise I take the time to explain to proper procedure, hopefully alleviating them in the future. These situations can create a level of difficulty for a General Manger because I may not be able to solve it at the site level in a timely manner.

  7. You are a Platinum Certified Manager, what prepped you best to achieve this certification? I was really excited when I found out about the certification exams—I knew I wanted to pass all of them. What really prepped me to pass the Platinum certification was having the onsite work experience, and gaining solid foundation on operating policies and procedures. I did this by reading the company manuals and re-reading them time to time. Another important factor was asking the Regional Manager, and other Landvest employees various questions, and items, or situations, I wanted to know how to resolve if I were ever to encounter them.

  8. If you could only call one member of the Landvest team to answer a question, any question, who would you call and why? For an operational or business related question I would definitely have to call Brian Byrd. His vast knowledge of the storage industry and Landvest would make him the ideal person. Also, from what I have heard about his charity work and family life, he would be ideal to answer a question unrelated to Landvest or storage in general.

  9. Describe the endeavor you are most proud of while being part of the Landvest team? The endeavor I set forth when taking over a General Manager, was to reform the Fillmore location. I knew the great shape Fillmore it was left in when Jayson Todd managed it, before being promoted to Regional Manager. I also had a good understanding where Fillmore was a few years later, before I became the General Manager. I knew Fillmore needed improvement and I wanted to get it done. The occupancy was off, missed revenue, rampant delinquencies, a lack of leadership and disregard for policies and procedures, all led to subpar performance for the site. From the first day I took over, I began implementing changes to the way the site was run. I brought back strict adherence to the policy and procedures I had followed for previous years. Early on in my career here, longtime customers would thank me for “cleaning up” the place. I have brought revenue up year over year, delinquencies down. I have provided a safe, clean, reputable place for our wonderful customers, and increasing profits for Landvest and our owners.

  10. What would you tell someone that is thinking about joining the Landvest team? Do it, it’s a great company to work for!

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