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Our Team Rocks! An interview with Krislyn.

  • MANAGER: Krislyn A

  • LOCATION: Security Self Storage – Houston, Kansas

  • POSITION: General Manager

  • TENURE: Three years in February (2019)

  1. 1. How did your career path lead you to Landvest? From the mall management world. We drove sales with great customer service. I was at a point in my life where I wanted a change in sales.

  2. 2. What is the best advice you've received in your career? Work hard and always look forward.

  3. 3. Which experience(s) in your career influenced who you are today? The customers’ appreciation.

  4. 4. What is your favorite part of your position? Customer service.

  5. 5. What is your least favorite part of your position? Delinquency calls! Attempting to help from them getting late fees and preventing the auction process.

  6. What is the most difficult part of your position? The auction process.

  7. If you could only call one member of the Landvest team to answer a question, any question, who would you call and why? Brian Byrd hands down! He will give the policy of the company, then tell you how he would handle the situation and then solicit feedback from you and how you would handle the situation. He gives you the information and the confidence for success.

  8. Describe the endeavor you are most proud of while being part of the Landvest team? I have a few, but the best was being promoted to a higher volume property.

  9. What would you tell someone that is thinking about joining the Landvest team? Landvest is a SUPERIOR company providing SUPERIOR service. We are the BEST of the BEST, if you would like to be part of the BEST, then Landvest is the company for you!

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