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Our Team Rocks! An interview with Melanie.

  • MANAGER: Melanie B.

  • LOCATION: Security Self Storage - Austin, TX

  • POSITION: Gold Certified Manager

  • TENURE: 10 years (2018)

  1. What lured you to Landvest? I was working for another storage company and was recruited by Landvest to come work for them.

  2. What is the best career advice you have received? I think the best advice I’ve received in my career is having a positive attitude gets positive results.

  3. What influences have molded who you are (career wise) today? I believe the experiences in my career that influenced who I am today are the ones where I made mistakes. Mistakes used to frustrate me as I always wanted to get every detail right. I realized to look at mistakes as a lesson and as a way to improve and grow.

  4. What is the favorite part of your job/position? The favorite part of my position is meeting new people. I don’t see them as numbers. They’re real people who have real needs and I gain a real sense of fulfillment and purpose from taking care of those needs.

  5. What is the worst part of your job/position? With honesty I can’t say that there is a part of my position I don’t like. I would not still be in this line of work for almost 23 years if there was.

  6. What is the most difficult part of your position? Helping people with their storage needs because they are going through a hardship. Like when they need a storage unit because of a death in the family or a divorce. You can just sense the anxiety and the stress. I think listening and making their storage experience go as smooth as possible helps.

  7. If you could only call one person within the company for advice, about anything, who would it be, and why? Brian Byrd. He has comprehensive knowledge in this field and has always given me good direction.

  8. How did it feel when you became a Gold Certified Manager? It re-affirmed that I have absorbed the knowledge related to my job so I can preformed to the best of my ability.

  9. What would you tell anyone looking to join the Landvest team? I believe anyone who is in this field or looking for a career in the storage business would love working for this company. Working for Landvest is fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable too. You get recognized for your efforts and are appreciated for the work you do.

  10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why? The superpower to heal. I would like to help ease the pain of people suffering from serious illness.

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