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PRESS RELEASE: Landvest Announces Development of a New Self-Storage Facility

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

September 14, 2018 10:25 PM Central Daylight Time

WICHITA, KANSAS--Landvest Management announced today that they will break ground on a new, multi-level self-storage facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“We’re excited to expand our footprint in Colorado Springs!  We have operated in The Springs for over 20 years and love the community,” said Brian Byrd, Chief Operations Officer. “There is no doubt that this facility will impress our neighbors, our customers, and the community as a whole. This will be like nothing Colorado Springs has seen in a storage facility!”

This new facility, located at Woodmen and Lee Vance, will operate under the name of Security Self-Storage.  This will be Landvest’s first multi-level storage facility in Colorado Springs.  Landvest operates four other Security Self-Storage locations in Colorado Springs.

About Landvest

Founded in 1985, Landvest is one of America’s largest self-storage operators. With locations in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Florida and Georgia, Landvest provides operational expertise on a variety of commercial real estate assets.  Based in Wichita, Kansas, Landvest has been recognized as a “Top Operator” in the self-storage industry for over 20 years.  Visit to learn more about Landvest.

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