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What We Do

In 1985, Marshall Millsap founded a company that has performed third party management for nearly 60 self-storage facilities, warehouses, and apartments in the United States.  Storage being the primary focus, Landvest has operated over 2.5 million square feet of self storage space (23,000 customers) in eight states, along with their other real estate assets.

Landvest operates and manages a variety of commercial real estate businesses for our savvy clients. Handling everything from collecting rents to all aspects of Human Resources to a complete set of financials that will impress even the best accounting minds.  If you are looking for REIT level management (without hidden fees), but with an individual, mid-sized operators approach, Landvest Management is perfect for you!

Services we can offer your business

Staffing and Training

  • All employees are employed by Landvest Corporation

  • Proactive employee recruiting

  • Employee referral program

  • Prospective employee interviewing

  • Criminal background and credit checks

  • Hiring, counseling and termination

  • Proper supervision

  • New hire training program

  • Employee sales training

  • On-going employee development and certification programs

  • Help develop Employment agreements for all employees

  • Help develop Employee policy handbook and self storage procedure manual

  • Dedicated employee support program for human resources, operational management and information technology

  • Full payroll package to include direct deposit and tax reporting


Facility Operations

  • Ability to restrict or limit discounting

  • Unit rental rate pricing and revenue management

  • Competitor rate analysis

  • Ancillary merchandise sales of boxes and moving supplies

  • Property repairs and maintenance with access to a preferred network of vendors

  • Liquidation/auction unit preparation and supervision

  • Group buying discounts with major suppliers for most property supplies and equipment

  • Expense controls utilizing bid processes with outside vendors

  • On-site auditing program

  • Expense levels and approval hierarchy

  • Visits by Landvest Key Personnel to identify any issues or concerns at the property to include a competition analysis.

  • Property set-up

  • Construction punch-list services


Marketing and Public Relations

  • Brand management

  • Site signage monitoring & reporting

  • Social media management

  • Google listing management (with third party assistance)

  • Google Virtual Tours

  • Assistance with video of individual properties or markets (see sample -->)

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) coordination (take advantage of our buying power)

  • Aggregator coordination

  • Established tenant referral program

  • Lead management program

  • Advertising program creation, design and implementation

  • Nationwide toll free customer concern/care number

  • Online rental payment options for customers (via Yardi, StorEdge or Sitelink)

  • Call Center Partnerships

  • Market research and analysis

  • Development of lease up marketing program

  • Unit mix/space planning consulting services


Revenue Management

  • Unit attribute isolation

  • Competition tracking

  • Automated price adjustments (street rates)

  • Promotions management

  • Pass-through rent management


Financials and Reporting

  • Daily bank deposits

  • Accounting controls

  • Accounts payable and receivable

  • Sales and Use tax reporting

  • Credit card processing relationship with favorable discount rates

  • Collection company alliance with TransUnion and Kansas Counselors

  • Annual budgets

  • Weekly Occupancy Reports

  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reports specifically designed for owners’ analysis

  • Capital improvement program and administration

  • Property and casualty insurance and claim management

  • Quarterly meeting with the Owners to include management update and Strategic Planning items.


Feasibility Studies

  • Site selections

  • Demand analysis

  • Competition surveys

  • Proforma completion


Human Resources

  • Recruiting

  • Background checks

  • Drug testing coordinations

  • Annual performance reviews

  • State & Federal compliance

  • Payroll processing

  • Benefits management

  • EEOC compliance

  • FLSA compliance


Lien Sales Management

  • Auction coordination

  • Delinquent unit seizures

  • Documentation of delinquent units

  • Disposition of delinquent units (including vehicles)

  • Lease compliance

  • State specific lien sales management


Loss Prevention and Cost Reductions

  • Promotion/discount management and controls

  • Unit inventory control

  • Merchandise inventory control

  • Daily deposit verification

  • Deposits analysis

  • Promotion analysis

  • Nationwide buying power on boxes and merchandise

  • National buying power on trash and utility services

  • National relationship with SEO/website vendors

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