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PRESS RELEASE: Security Self-Storage Reports Improved Pricing Performance

Partnership with Prorize leads to greater revenue, occupancy, and efficiency

Atlanta, GA. Prorize LLC today announced the successful deployment of its Self Storage Revenue Optimizer™ (SSRO™) at all Security Self-Storage locations. The announcement came after an extended testing period which showed increased revenue growth and efficiency across its operations. Security Self-Storage is operated by Landvest Management.

“We’ve seen efficiency gains after deploying the SSRO at our facilities,” remarked Landvest Chief Operating Officer, Brian Byrd. “Prorize helped us automate many of our pricing routines, and their insights allowed us to improve both occupancy levels and revenue. Interestingly, we alternatively raised and dropped prices with success at many locations…Something we wouldn’t have been able to do without their data-driven approach,” he continued.

Clark Investment Group, echoed this sentiment. “Prorize has been much more than a typical software vendor, partnering with us to provide powerful insights and visibility into business performance. Importantly, their tools prevented us from overreacting to the changing market conditions,” remarked Stephen Clark, a principal at Clark Investment Group.

The SSRO is an AI-based pricing platform and maximizes revenue under all market conditions, including today’s unprecedented market. Its unique approach applies advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast customer behavior based on potential business scenarios. The SSRO includes pricing solutions for new customers in stabilized and lease-up stores and existing tenant rent increases.

“Clark Investment Group and Landvest Management have been excellent to work with, from our initial conversation and vision for the project, all the way through the pricing execution,” remarked Ahmet Kuyumcu, CEO of Prorize. “It’s been a really positive experience working jointly with an investment company and its management partner, exploring new pricing strategies as needed, and we look forward to being a part of their continued success.”

About Prorize

Prorize is a global leader in revenue management solutions, now serving clients in eight countries across four continents. Winner of the world’s top prize for advanced analytics, the Franz Edelman Award, Prorize’s proprietary software and pricing consultants help clients capture maximum revenue from their assets. Prorize’s data driven approach focuses on providing value through mutually beneficial transactions and optimum price points allowing for sustainable and profitable growth of the enterprise.

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